Raising funds for dry grad event

Saturday’s dry-grad fundraiser went off without a hitch, collecting nearly $1000 in bottles

Saturday’s dry-grad fundraiser went off without a hitch, collecting nearly $1000 in bottles from local Cowichan Lake residents.  Julie Foster, dry-grad coordinator says the grads still have many fundraising activities planned to raise money before they head out from June 28 to June 30 to go white water rafting near Hell’s Gate in the Fraser Canyon on the mainland.

Volunteers and grad students attended Saturday’s event to help drive and collect from all areas in and surrounding Lake Cowichan.  Currently, there is a chicken sale fundraiser happening as well. Order forms are available through the grads or at Lake Cowichan Secondary School and are due in by April 21.

A grad car wash is planned for May 4 at the old Petro-Can gas station at the crossing of North and South Shore Roads. Country Grocer has given the task of the set-up and take-down for Lake Days to the grads along with a donation of $500. You will see the grads selling hotdogs during Lake Days as well for additional fundraising.

World’s Finest Chocolates are for sale through the grads at the school and you can expect grads to be at your door shortly selling these delicious treats.

This year’s grads have been busy finalizing details of their graduation celebrations. Currently, the band is booked, the prom is planned with time slotted for photo opportunities and a dinner for the grads will be the Cow Café. The B.C. Liquor Store, Lake Cowichan branch has also been fundraising for the kids through donations and has raised over $1,400.

If you have any additional fundraising ideas or would like to donate, please call Julie Foster at 250-745-3852.  She would happy to accept any ideas, email forms to order chicken, or take donations on behalf of the grads.

LCSS and the graduating class are appreciative for all of the continued support that aids in making the dry grad event a success.