Principles for Living: Try tweaking your life

By adjusting you, chiropractors help keep your spine supple. That helps your nervous system to run healthfully, helps you age gracefully.

Want to live longer?

By adjusting you, chiropractors help keep your spine supple. That assists your nervous system to run more healthfully which helps you age gracefully. Here’s what else you can do to enhance your longevity.

Remember, tweaking your life sharpens you both now and in the long haul. Change grants us the ability to be flexible in the moment and adaptable over time. Both enhance our personal power. And as the great philosopher Shrek has immortalized, “Change is good, Donkey.” Just pick one thing to change at a time to ensure success.

Exercise at least 30 minutes, three times a week. Start with a brisk walk over lunch. Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables, good quality proteins and healthy fats, organic whenever possible. Try to shop on the outside aisles of your grocery store. Minimize fast foods. Real food equals real health.

Make yourself be silent periodically. No TV, radio or internet, just quiet moments by yourself. Then ask yourself if you like the company you keep at that time. Play or listen to the music you love. Get enough sleep. Consider napping. Learn to love your job or move on. Get optimistic about your future. Then follow your heart. Make and keep close friends. Learn how to express your feelings.

Clear your past. Repair any relationships in your family or with old friends. Accept any responsibility for any role, no matter how small, that you played and then forgivingly approach that person. Work at your marriage. Chances are the grass isn’t any greener on the other side. Get your finances under control. Spending more and going into debt won’t help fill any emptiness inside of you. Diminish any unnecessary worry. Live in the present, not the past (guilt) or future (fear). Stop if you find yourself criticizing yourself or others. Live a life of inspiration, not desperation. Consciously choose a kind, friendly, forgiving and relaxed approach to life. Take care of the earth, go green, and recycle.

Encourage a sense of spirituality. Consider that there may be a design even if you balk at the concept of a designer. Create the possibility that you are an essential part of an interconnected and interrelated web of life. It will make it easier to live in peace and to promote a true and contagious desire to contribute back to mankind.

Shy of picking your grandparents, there’s a lot that you can do today to live a clearer and more meaningful life. Adding chiropractic can help you age gracefully, adding life to years and years to life. Live well.

Aloha and peace.

Dr. Carl Weber, B.P.E. (Hon), DC, is a chiropractor at Lake Cowichan Chiropractic, 85 Darnell Rd. Contact them at 250-749-3393 or check the  out on the internet at