Everything is chaos while the rats roam the streets

Everything is chaos while the rats roam the streets

Pipers at the gates of AB Greenwell Elementary School

Students put on an impressively professional performance of The Pied Piper

With glowing parents filling the gymnasium seats, AB Greenwell Elementary School students took to the stage twice, Thursday, May 26, for their musical performance of The Pied Piper.

The classic tale had the pied piper solve a town’s rat problem by leading the creatures into water, using his hypnotic music. Then, when the mayor backed out on his promise to pay the piper, the piper led the children away in a similar fashion.

“Remember to keep your word,” principal Jann Drake said, of the play’s over-arching moralistic message.

The entire school performed a number of musical numbers throughout the play, including solos and with a chorus of singers.

Local piano teacher Robyn Crosby volunteered her time to perform on piano. Student Madison Garbish, who also played the mayor, jumped in to flawlessly play a song on the piano near the play’s finale.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into these things,” Drake said, thanking kids, parents, teachers, and the school staff for their help.

The play’s music director, Carole-Anne Potter, in turn thanked Drake, who put together the play’s many costumes.

“She just answers to  my beck and call,” Potter said, of the ever-helping principal. “It wouldn’t happen without a supportive principal.”

One of the main challenges in putting the play together was having kids memorize their lines, Potter said.

“This was a very challenging play, as long as the lines go,” she said.

With practices having  taken place since after the Easter break, students managed to remember most of their lines, with little assistance throughout the successful play. Students practiced during their music period, with the last couple of weeks having the whole school come together in preparation for the May 26 performances.

Next year’s play will likely take place at Christmas time, Potter said, as the school tends to switch from year to year between performances in the spring and winter.