Lake Cowichan’s 50 Plus Activity Centre enjoyed a busy, fun 2015

Our busy year ended with several new members being elected to both boards.

Our busy year ended with several new members being elected to both boards. Bruce Bunting was elected as president of the C.L. District Seniors’ Association (CLDSA) and Sue Alford was elected as president of the C.L. Golden Agers’ Society (GAS). New members mean new ideas and fresh volunteers to help keep the Centre going.

During 2015 we held the CLDSA Spring Bazaar and GAS Fall Bazaar with many thanks to the local businesses and vendors that supported these events and the volunteers who made them happen.

Each year GAS organizes trips to venues that have been suggested by members. This past year we visited Cowichan Bay for the day, the Water Buffalo Farm, the Royal Museum and IMAX in Victoria, the Chemainus Theatre twice and the Singing Christmas Tree in Nanaimo. Our trip committee already has some new venue suggestions for 2016.

Other special events were the Heritage Days Luncheon to introduce the new candidates for Lady of the Lake and co-hosting the Strawberry Tea with the Lady of the Lake Committee at Centennial Hall.

In June we had our first Golden Agers’ Anniversary Tea Dance and hat parade with the Goodtime Boys playing an eclectic array of music. Those in attendance dressed semi-formally and wore various styles of hats. Men got in the act too. Delectable sandwiches and sweets beautifully arranged by Brad were enjoyed by all.

Four winners in the hat parade were chosen at the end of the day and the committee hopes to make the Anniversary Tea Dance an annual event.

Three banquets were organized in 2015. April 25 was our Easter Banquet and Easter hat parade, Sept. 26 was a potluck and games night with music from the Goodtime Boys and our semi-potluck Christmas banquet shared with the Association on Dec. 5. Our volunteers prepared the turkey, stuffing, gravy and ham in the kitchen.

There was no charge for the Christmas Banquet, but we asked that attendees bring non-perishable food or unwrapped toys or gifts for the Community Services Christmas Hampers. People were very generous.

A local favourite, Winter Nights Coffee House, ran on the 3rd Saturday of each month from January to June then started again in November. Our last Winter Nights Coffee House of the year was on Dec. 19. The Christmas–themed night included the Goodtime Boys, the Rivernotes Choir, the Four Cowichan Lake Tenors and the Mini Meds choir.

About 90 people were in attendance and $360.05 was raised for the local food bank plus four boxes of non-perishable food. A great night of listening, singing and dancing was had by all! And, everyone appreciated the delicious snacks and beverages that were on sale from the kitchen.

During the week (Monday to Friday) our Centre is busy with card games, line dancing, carpet bowling, music, pool, darts, bingo and crafts. Our foodsafe kitchen offers fresh-made food. Tuesday is savoury pie day with sweet pies on Thursday and special dinners on Friday.

Membership in the C.L. Golden Agers’ Society is $15 which gives members discounts on trips and banquets and one annual ambulance reimbursement up to $80. Funds we raise at our bazaars and events help to keep costs down and keep the Centre running.

A big thank you to all our volunteers as we couldn’t do it without you! Happy New Year.

Carolyne Austin is the past president GAS