Dust still issue in Youbou

CVRD Area I Director Report:dust to be measured, new lights and road re-configuration

CVRD Area I Director

CVRD Area I Director

We are still dealing with the dust issue in Youbou. Dr. David Hasselback with the Ministry of Health is aware of this and the issue is now on his radar. I am hoping that a measuring device will be installed before next year so that accurate readings can be made of the amount of dust. This will give us the tools to take to the Ministry of Highways.

Indian Road, off Youbou Road, will be getting new lights to improve visibility and the Ministry of Highways has committed to having them in place by the end of November.

The street lights on Cedar Road were researched and it was determined that these are the original lights that were put in place when B.C. Forest Products owned the land and the townsite.

As much as the budget allows, shades will be installed on the street lights on Cedar Road to protect residents from light interference and still keep our roads safe.

The re-configuration of the  Youbou Meade Creek Road — which does not meet the current standards for safety — is in the works. Department of Highways are researching what is needed and have determined that Meade Creek Road has to be raised to make the intersection safe and easy to access. Discussions are ongoing and hopefully this issue can be resolved in the next year.

Some absentee landlords have become a problem for the community. In some cases the landlords rent to people that have loud noisy parties, do not respect the neighbours, start campfires in an unsafe manner and do not value the environment.  We are looking at solutions that will meet the needs of all and help to rein in the tenants.

Parking and blocking the roads to the point where it is unsafe for traffic has also become a problem. I have been talking to the RCMP to see what can be done.

Funding for the Sportsplex has been discussed at length at the board table. Directors from the Cowichan Lake area are not in favour of funding the Sportsplex on an ongoing basis.  Use of the Sportsplex has been declining, volunteer numbers and donations have been declining. It seems to me that the Sportsplex staff have a significant amount of work to do to increase usage, volunteers and donations.

If they can prove that the Sportsplex plays an important role in the Cowichan Valley, I think a referendum should be held in conjunction with the next municipal election.  The referendum should only take effect on an area by area basis. This allows those directors whose taxpayers do not support the referendum to opt out.

I want to ensure that our local tax dollars stay in our area.

You can always contact me at 250-749-3120 or on my cell phone 250-701-3145.