Cat city! Society has to stop taking in cats due to overflow

The Lake Cowichan Animal Rescue Society is over-taxed.

The Lake Cowichan Animal Rescue Society is over-taxed.

With a need outweighing its capacity, the society is looking for help more desperately than usual.

“If more cats had been spayed and neutered, this wouldn’t have happened,” volunteer Mike Bedard said, of the over-influx of kittens.

“We need to have more board members. Our finances are shot. This year has been horrendous for litters.”

Although the society takes in various small domestic animals, they’re usually, and currently, overloaded with cats, as a result of people’s continual failure to have them spayed or neutered.

“All our foster care homes are full of kittens,” an exasperated Bedard said.

For the first time, the society has had to stop taking in cats. There’s just not enough space and money, Bedard explained.

The society’s animal adoption area at Duncan’s Pet Smart store is consistently full, and will remain consistently full due to a continuous flow of kittens reaching an adoptable age.

More foster homes are needed to house the constant flow of cats, and more money is required for veterinary bills related to the cats’ required spaying, neutering, and shots.

“We don’t have the finances to do it,” Bedard said.

Permanent homes are also constantly being sought for the cats.

It’s not only healthy cats that require homes, but special needs cats as well. Puddin’ – an FIV carrier – is one such special needs cat.

“He has to be in a one-cat household, and has to be an inside cat,” Bedard said.

Cats with medical needs are always more difficult to find homes for.

A book sale fund-raiser is planned for the society, Saturday, August 27. See the advertisement in next week’s Gazette for details.

For more information on the society, visit their website, at