Carl Weber: My perfect chiropractic morning

To clarify what kind of chiropractic care I wanted to bring to the families of the Cowichan Valley

To clarify what kind of chiropractic care I wanted to bring to the families of the Cowichan Valley, I wrote a description of my perfect chiropractic morning, which I’d like to share with you now.

8 a.m.: I sit quietly and clear my thoughts, watching the day unfold in my mind. I see everyone relaxed, laughing, learning, inspired and enjoying their chiropractic experience. I say a prayer to acknowledge the greater forces at work and then turn on the music to get out of my head and into my heart. I let go of anything that takes my attention away from the day in front of me in order to be fully present and open, ready to serve and to have an amazing morning.

The first patients arrive, a family of four. Each receives an adjustment, all in the same open room. Bob Marley is playing, everyone is laughing and feeling very connected to life. They carry this open feeling from their adjustment into their lives, into their school or business days and into their community. Our next patient is a busy, working mother who is thrilled because she no longer needs Advil for the headaches she has been experiencing “forever”.

On this morning we welcome three new patients.

The first is an autistic four-year-old boy whose mother had heard that her son may learn faster if he had a clearer nervous system.

The second new patient is a three-day-old baby girl who had a difficult birth. She was referred in by her family doctor who wanted me to check her neck for traumatic birth syndrome because of the use at birth of an epidural and forceps.

The third new patient is a 45-year-old firefighter. He no longer enjoys his job because of his low back pain. Since his pain began, he also noticed a much higher frequency of urination and when I placed pressure on his spine he could actually feel the urge to go the bathroom.

My last patient leaves, a 90-year-old man who just lost his wife. His adjustments have stabilized his asthmatic breathing, help him sleep through the night and diminish the feelings of social, psychological and physical tension associated with losing his partner of 70 years.

There it is, my perfect morning. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s an honour to share my thoughts with you and through the written word, to celebrate life together. There is no greater gift to share than your journey of health.

Aloha and peace.