Sarah Simpson column: My clean house is definitely not for the birds

A while back, my husband and I took our kids to one…

T.W. Paterson column: Canada’s last Victoria Cross of WWII again in the news

The BC Aviation Museum is out to host a memorial monument

  • Mar 14, 2020

Mary Lowther column: Everything is coming up roses this spring

David is not the only one this made happy; the bush crawls with bees just when I need them.

  • Mar 12, 2020
Old growth logging in Caycuse watershed
First responders pay tribute to Cowichan hospital workers during COVID-19
Belle brightens COVID-19 isolation for birthday girl
Victoria News Update

Drivesmart column: Spring 2020 distracted driving campaign

Distracted driving is responsible for 26 per cent of collision fatalities in B.C. each year.

  • Mar 8, 2020

B.C. VIEWS: We can’t ignore the little things, lest they grow into a pandemic

COVID-19 can help us prepare for the major pandemic experts say is still to come

Robert Barron column: It’s time to rattle some cages in Victoria

The Valley’a CAT received just $66,000 in overdose emergency response funding last year

Andrea Rondeau column: No need to panic over COVID-19

There is no sense in rushing out and filling multiple carts full of toilet paper and pasta

Sarah Simpson Column: King of the blood donations, Robin makes it to 150

Often, when I think of blood… OK I admit that’s a really…

T.W. Paterson column: 102 years ago the Spanish Flu met British grit

In effect, a declaration of marshal law.

  • Mar 7, 2020

Mary Lowther column: Got squash staring at you, threatening to go bad?

All winter squash contain an abundance of nutrients

  • Mar 5, 2020

Drivesmart column: Driving on the shoulder of the road

Just as a child learns to colour properly by staying within the lines, so must the driver.

  • Mar 1, 2020

COLUMN: Higher tax bracket ‘a risky game’ in the 2020 B.C. budget

Jock Finlayson is executive vice president and chief policy officer of the Business Council of BC

  • Mar 1, 2020

Robert Barron column: Gas prices rollercoaster confusing

their customers will continue to pay the price for their precious petrol

Andrea Rondeau column: Monday morning on the breaking news beat

The view from my back deck yielded smoke billowing into the air.

Sarah Simpson column: Locusts inspiring Duncan family to fundraise

Bottle drive, Tuesday, March 3, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Island Return-It Centre on Norcross Road

T.W. Paterson column: Nanaimo’s biggest bang was a close call

Capt. McDonald jammed his telescope in the wheel to keep the Oscar aimed at nearby Protection Island

  • Feb 29, 2020

Mary Lowther column: An experiment with early cloned tomatoes

Six of the 12 sprouts I potted up survived

  • Feb 27, 2020

B.C. VIEWS: Pipeline dispute highlights need for clarity

As the B.C. treaty process grinds on, uncertainty remains

Drivesmart column: Let’s block the road

Police resources to cope with the size of the protest group is an important consideration.

  • Feb 23, 2020

Robert Barron column: Let’s see more roundabouts in the Cowichan Valley

I commend the city planners for their wisdom in installing a roundabout there.