Chamber hosts business coach at general meeting

Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce hosts business coach at general meeting

On Oct. 18, the Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce hosted it’s general meeting and dinner at the Cowichan Lake Curling Lounge.

The guest speaker was Nick West, a business coach, consultant, and public speaker.

Experienced in fast growing environments where developing managers and teams is as important as strategic and procedural initiatives, West combines coaching, planning, analysis and sound business experience to generate results for his clients.

Due to unforseen circumstances, Katherine Worsley, the Visitor Centre coordinator, says that only 12 guests attended the dinner, but none-the-less they had a good time and walked away with a lot to think about.

“We had a very good dinner, [the talk] was well engaged by the ones that were attending,” said Worsley. “And the guest speaker, through his presentation, we find out that a successful business is a successful business when it first develops its goals.”

West introduced the attendees to SMART: specific goals, measurable goals, achieving those goals, realistic goals, and doing so in a timely fashion; and GROW: defining business goals, results both past and future, options and how to create them, and the will or desire to commit.

“Basically getting set goals and making them reasonable or attainable,” said Ron Mckenzie, vice president of the CLDCC.

McKenzie says that the chamber will be looking to host another evening with West so others can take advantage of his knowledge.

“We should have had him a long time ago,” said Mckenzie.

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