Rolli Gunderson

Rolli’s Pages of History: 1990–a blast from our past

Rolli Gunderson reviews the events and happenings of 1990.

Remembrance Day: Diary of a War Bride–Sailing to Canada

Rolli Gunderson shares the diary entries of a war bride who came to Canada in the 1940s.

Remembrance Day: 100 years since the start of WWI

Rolli Gunderson discusses the anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

Remembrance Day: Death touches Cowichan Lake during WWII

Rolli Gunderson discusses the young men from around Cowichan Lake who fought and died in World War Two

Rolli Gunderson: Names and faces from past elections

Rolli Gunderson shares names and faces from past elections in Lake Cowichan

Rolli: What a difference a decade makes

Rolli Gunderson details the differences between Lake Cowichan in 1994 and 2014.

From rails to trails

Rolli Gunderson continues to discuss the history of the railways, detailing how they've been turned into hiking trails.

All aboard the last train from Youbou

In March 1988 the last train from Youbou moved slowly through town on its final run before hastening on into oblivion.

No plans yet for 1989 grad class reunion

This June marks the 25th anniversary of the Lake Cowichan Secondary School’s Class of 1989

Lake Cowichan trivia, interesting milestones

In years past, Lake Cowichan’s main street, known to all as South Shore Road, was called Riverside Drive.

Seniors’ centre has long been the site of community events

Years before Cowichan Lake District Seniors Centre was built, the property was occupied by the village’s first community hall.

Gordon and Castley empire in Lake Cowichan becomes ‘just a memory’

“Greendale Road it is now called,” wrote Trevor Green in his journal of February 21, 1965.

Lake Cowichan’s arena home to many events over the years

The Cowichan Lake District Skating Club was formed in June 1970, the same year that the Cowichan Lake Sports Arena was officially opened.

1950: skating on Cowichan Lake

It was of sufficient thickness for safe skating reported the March 1950 issue of the UBO Bulletin.

Early 1980s saw major flooding and new seniors housing

Early 1980s saw major flooding and new seniors housing

Some Cowichan Lake area history by the numbers

The Village of Lake Cowichan topped the charts when temperatures reached 39 degrees Celsius

Hill 60 named for local soldiers in First World War

Hill 60 refers to the long hill that stretches between the Paldi turnoff to the top of the hill (the straight stretch) on Highway 18.

South Shore Road buildings home to diverse businesses

Just down the street from the former Delle’s store stands an old building that was once the medical office of Dr. Bert Mewhort.

Henry Lundgren, dubbed Mr. Centennial of 1971

Faces of the past: Henry Lundgren, family man, union activist and community supporter

The early 1950s, facts and figures

In the 1950s Lake Cowichan and the surrounding communities were a going concern.