Mary Lowther

Dig In: Early sowing for garden jump

Given the capricious nature of the weather I am doing my regular planting two weeks later than usual.

Dig In: Does your soil have minerals?

How can you tell if your vegetables contain enough nutrients to keep you healthy?

Dig In: How to plant seed potatoes

Seed potatoes will soon be available at garden centres. Why grow our own when they're so cheap and easy to buy?

Dig In: Superfoods all around us

Almost every day I see another magazine article or media blurb insisting we need some new miracle food.

Dig In: Soil analysis good to do

If you are growing your own fruits and vegetables the best investment you can make in your health is a soil analysis.

Dig In: Taking care of tools is key

Well-maintained tools can turn gardening from a chore to a delight.

Dig In: New food part of the fun

David believes it’s his job to make me happy so he encouraged me to dig up every usable square inch of the yard for food growing.

Dig In: The right mix: composting

“Eleanor, someone’s thrown a rusty bicycle wheel into your backyard!”

Dig In: No better time to plan

Planning the garden might be the most important part in its creation.

Dig In: Planning ahead is best

It is possible to grow a pretty good garden without a plan and it may seem easier just to wing it

Dig In: Time to think about seed

We gardeners celebrate what’s really important this time of year — a fresh canvas to plan and play with.

Dig In: Hydro protest: Cooking slow in a cardboard box

This is the time of year when the closest we get to our gardens is the pantry, which is literally filled with the fruits of our labour.

Lowther: Food plants can be grown all year long

David grows flowers; while some of them are edible, they are not much use during the winter months.

Lowther: The paperwork of gardening

Gardening becomes more productive when we figure out what does and does not work in our own plots.

A basic greenhouse can extend the season

One must encourage a man when he’s prepared to do the cooking, so when David gets a notion to rustle

Lowether: Hardy herbs add flavour

While our gardening ancestors strove to remove the bitter from our foods they inadvertently removed nutrients as well.

Lowther: Best veggie winter storage

Author Sue Shephard has written a book entitled Pickled, Potted and Canned, a delightful

Lowther: Sowing your own seed fruitful

In 1955 A. G. Puttock inherited a piece of furniture from his grandfather and inside a drawer he found

Plant garlic now for big bulbs ready next spring

Decent garlic, the kind local growers sell at summer markets, tastes so much better than the

Lowther: Ways to extend the harvest

Just because a little typhoon shredded my tomato tent that took hours to erect, the season isn’t over, it