Jean Crowder

MP’s Report

MP Jean Crowder discusses the Cowichan River and new legislation that might affect it.

Old Age Security being denied to naturalized Canadians

One issue that is growing is how Service Canada deals with OAS applications especially for people who immigrated to Canada a long time ago

A beef about the recent recall of contaminated Canadian beef

Canadians’ confidence in our food system took another hit in November

Another massive omnibus bill

Canadians are facing another massive omnibus bill that amends many other pieces of legislation.

CRA jumps the gun on changes to Child Tax Benefit

CRA mistakenly applied changes to the Child Tax Benefit six months too early, short-changing Canadian families.

Changes to environmental and fisheries legislation a concern

Changes to environmental and fisheries legislation a concern: Fisheries Act in Bill C-38

Waterways barometer of health of our environment

After the very wet spring , it seems hard to believe that island communities may face water restrictions before the end of the summer.

Gas tax fund option for funding

For smaller municipalities, the cost of building and maintaining recreational facilities can be a challenge

The Cowichan Lake area is in need of childhood development support

It was not a surprise to read that the majority of residents in Lake Cowichan said they would like an early learning centre to be the partner in the construction of a new elementary school.

Crowder addresses poverty issues at Parliament

Nanaimo-Cowichan MP Jean Crowder's first speech during this session of Parliament was on the budget implementation bill and how it did not address poverty reduction.