Dave Lowther

Music in the Lake show set for Thursday night

The problem with getting old is that sometimes your hands don't work.
Our previously scheduled performer, Bruce Brackney, has been sidelined with arthritis in his thumbs. It hurts just to think about.

Many of the arguments against Centennial Park camping are moot

Mr. Joe Dorey has responded to a letter suggesting we should remove the recent ban on camping behind Centennial Hall with an unworthy diatribe about the effect of the noise on him personally and a trio of specious incidents to support his argument. I must respectfuly submit that his position is unworthy of him and cannot be justified by the facts.

Live music to grace Lake Days, Saturday and Sunday

A run-down on the musicians that are coming to perform at this year's Lake Days festivities in Saywell Park, Saturday, June 11, and Sunday, June 12