Carl Weber

Principles for Living: Just call me Mama

The young lady in front of me was in her late 70s.

Principles for Living: Two paths: head or heart

They are two very different paths, as night is to day, as rap is to classical music or as fast food is to organic vegetarianism.

Principles for Living: Shift happens: adjusting is good

I’ve been getting adjusted every second week since I was a kid.

Principles for Living: Try tweaking your life

By adjusting you, chiropractors help keep your spine supple. That helps your nervous system to run healthfully, helps you age gracefully.

Principles for Living: What are you adding?

I was at the seniors centre recently for their weekly music offering (turning 50 has its perks!).

Weber: How bright is your flame?

Life is a flame, and yes, it can flicker as our body gets a cold or the flu, we are in a car accident, or worse

Weber: An inspirational couple

I love being a chiropractor because I get to meet and interact with such a wide variety of people.

Weber: A gentle adjustment

I love adjusting newborns! They’re just so clear. Ever watch a professional

Weber: The search for good health

Three years ago, I became disabled as the result of the physical demands of chiropractic practice.

Weber: Asking the big questions

I’ll never forget that moment over 10 years ago. It seems just like yesterday. I had just

Carl Weber: Thanks for warm welcome

I’ve now been in practice at Lake Cowichan Chiropractic for three months. I could never have imagined

Principles for Living: Let’s get to the cause

What if you get headaches because of a pinched nerve in your neck but the cause of that pinched

Carl Weber: My perfect chiropractic morning

To clarify what kind of chiropractic care I wanted to bring to the families of the Cowichan Valley

Everyday heroes teach life lessons

A big reason I love being a chiropractor is because of the life lessons I learn from my practice members.

Your health matters

Hello and welcome to the newest regular column in the Lake Cowichan Gazette.