A scene from a recent game at Joe’s field in Youbou shows that the grass still needs to grow in.

Ball park improvements evident for Youbou

Grass still needs to grow in at baseball field in Youbou

Slo-pitch ball season starts on a sandy field of dreams.

The reported $5000 field repairs on “Joe’s field” in Youbou are completed and now we are just waiting for the grass to grow greener on that side of the fence.

Ryan Dias, Parks Operations superintendent at the CVRD, says the park has received it’s annual top dressing which means the field and it’s many holes have been filled in with sand and grass seed. According to Dias the biggest problem with Youbou’s ball field seems to be the number of elk , and their pointy feet, (my words), making big holes in the grass.

“My main concern is the large areas behind first base that had very large ruts now filled with sand.” Dias is confident once the warm weather allows the seed to crack and the grass to grow it will firm up to allow it to be walked on.

Dias also says “work has also just been completed on the rise of grass between the infield and outfield, a problem common to most ball fields.” The CVRD will keep an eye on it to check on it’s progress although “It has got limited use for a ball field and we want to make sure it is safe and accessible.”

After playing their first game April 28 (when the photo was taken) the kindest thing Slo-pitch league president Al Capling would say was “It is a bit better than it was before.”  He is also hoping the sand will firm up to make a safe playable field soon.

Only time will tell if the grass will grow as the ball season has already started. Games are played Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

So come out  to Joe’s Field in Youbou and watch some of the games, it’s worth the trip.