South Shore Cabinetry built two special boxes for the local Boy Scouts for use during camping trips.

Scouts thankful for community support

Lake Cowichan’s Boy Scout troop was only formed in 2015, but thanks to the generous support of

Lake Cowichan’s Boy Scout troop was only formed in 2015, but thanks to the generous support of community members and area businesses, the group now has equipment it would have otherwise taken years of fundraising to purchase.

Most recently, the group received two large wooden boxes built by South Shore Cabinetry and decorated by a local artist.

“When I was a scout we had tool boxes, so it was just an idea,” said Dave Mountain, the troop scouter for the 1st Lake Cowichan Scout Group. “Everyone in this town’s been helping us so I asked the cabinetry shop and they said they’d be more than happy to make two for us.”

Mountain found the designs on Pinterest and knew right away it would be perfect for his group’s camping trips. The boxes open on both sides, with both doors folding down and functioning as countertops — one for the camp stove, the over for a wash basin where dishes can be cleaned. Inside the box is a series of small compartments to hold all the troop’s camping necessities, particularly cooking implements.

“It’s an easier way to pack-in and pack-out, instead of having all these different boxes of pots and pans and things. Everything is stored in there, so when you’re camping all you have to do is grab that and go,” said Mountain.

He said he gave the designs to South Shore Cabinetry and they did the rest.

Owner Stephen Lees said offering his support to the Scouts was a no-brainer.

“We typically like to do things for the community as sort of a community service thing,” he said. “It’s part of the reason I brought the company here, to give everybody a little bit of an idea of what we can do in private business to be able to help out the community.”

South Shore Cabinetry has been in Lake Cowichan for three years, during which time its space has doubled in size and its staff has grown to 13 people.

Lees said that while it was their first time building something like the utility boxes, it wasn’t difficult.

“I think it will be a versatile unit for the kids,” he said.

The boxes were decorated with 1st Lake Cowichan Scouts’ logo by artist Zak Stolk who donated his time and services.

Mountain expressed his gratitude to Lees, Stolk and all the other community members and businesses that have donated goods and services to the troop. He also commended several larger companies outside of Lake Cowichan for their donations.

“Everything for the kids to use. We’ve got 30 fishing rods to take the kids fishing. We’re going to be getting archery equipment from them. We got paddles and lifejackets and emergency kits for the canoes,” said Mountain. “They’ve been phenomenal.”

Later this month the troop heads to Mount Washington for a winter camping trip.