The town’s superintendent of Public Works Nagi Rizk discusses next year’s upgrades to South Shore Road

Re-working of South Shore Road discussed by council

Next year’s re-paving of South Shore Road remains at the top of town council discussions.

  • Mon Oct 10th, 2011 9:00am
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Next year’s re-paving of South Shore Road remains at the top of town council discussions.

Although the Ministry of Transportation is in charge of South Shore Road’s re-paving through the town, any additional work, such as sidewalks, roundabouts, and whatever else the town may want, will be the financial burden of the town.

During the town’s Tuesday, October 4, meeting, superintendent of Public Works Nagi Rizk told mayor and council that a proposal must be submitted in a month and a half, and that a preliminary design will be completed two to three weeks later.

“So far, it’s all good news,” Rizk said, of discussions with the ministry.

Related to this work is a water modeling program – computerized mapping done of the town’s system of water distribution pipes.

The last water modeling project was undertaken in 1993, so is out of date and not as thorough as today’s technology can allow.

The town’s elected officials have already approved of phase one of the project, to the tune of $25,000, and during their October 4 meeting approved of phase two, at a cost of $27,345.

The funds will be taken out of the $160,000 they’d budgeted for preparations related to the South Shore Road re-paving.

A grant has been applied for to help pay for $10,000 of the second phase’s cost, but the town has decided to undertake the project regardless of their getting the grant.

“Without this, we’re at a standstill,” mayor Ross Forrest said.

The water modeling will help isolate what pipes should be replaced in advance of the road’s re-paving, so that the brand new road doesn’t have to get torn up.

The modeling will map not only South Shore Road, but the entirety of Lake Cowichan.

Although the town’s elected officials have repeatedly requested that members of the community come forth to share what they’d like done with South Shore Road, few have done so.

Thus far, new sidewalks, banners for the poles, trees, a roundabout near the bridge and North Shore Road, and various other options have been discussed at the council table.