Island Pharmacy employee Cindy Kruk supervises the lipstick booth at the store's recent Ladies Night

Island Pharmacy and Lake Cowichan Chiropractic lend a helping hand

Island Pharmacy and Lake Cowichan Chiropractic were both able to get in on the community’s giving spirit of late.

  • Tue Dec 13th, 2011 6:00pm
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Island Pharmacy and Lake Cowichan Chiropractic were both able to get in on the community’s giving spirit of late.

Island Pharmacy hosted a Ladies Night on Dec. 7, which had a donation bin for Community Service’s Christmas Hamper for patrons to lend a helping hand on. Lake Cowichan Chiropractic also brought a unique fundraising approach to the table, offering free 15-minute adjustments if customers brought a non-perishable food item.

Lake Cowichan Chiropractic owner, Dr. Laura Hughes was happy to be doing the initiative for the fourth consecutive year.

“It is so awesome because it helps out the local Food Bank and helps take care of our patients here and it is nice to give back to the community here,” said Hughes.

Hughes noted that upwards of 40 people came for adjustments. The clinic was booked solid between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Dec. 10 to administer the adjustments. Everyone was required to bring a minimum 10 non-perishable food items in order to qualify for a complimentary adjustment.

“Lot’s of people come out for it,” added Hughes.

Jodi McKenzie is another employee of Lake Cowichan Chiropractic who was pleased to be helping out, too.

“I think this is so much fun with all of the patients that come in,” said McKenzie.

For McKenzie, helping Lake Cowichan’s less fortunate families is something special. “It helps people near the end of the year whose cash might be a little tight but it also helps the Food Bank so everyone feels good about it,” she added.

Lake Cowichan’s Island Pharmacy owners’ Erika and Sean Lucas have held a Ladies Night for upwards of a decade.

Showcasing a variety of sampler cosmetic products, the Island Pharmacy staff also coordinated a Christmas hamper donation bin for Community Services and brought in local massage therapist, Julie Day to offer massages to its lady patrons.

If patrons spent more than $30 or were one of the first 30 shoppers to get inside Island Pharmacy, they received a gift basket. There were also doorprize handbags drawn every 15 minutes.

Tina Moreira is Island Pharmacy’s marketing coordinator. Moreira was pleased to be organizing such a fun event.

“I was pretty excited,” said Moreira. We get to reach the community.”

Moreira was especially happy to meet all of Lake Cowichan’s local women in organizing the event. She said it’s nice to get to know some of her shoppers other than just a customer.

“I was able to go into a lot of the places and invite the women to come myself. You get to see a different aspect of the shopper. Rather than the person just running in and running out you actually get to talk to them and give something back.”

Moreira clearly sees Island Pharmacy as a key member of Lake Cowichan’s business district and is eager to give back to the community whenever possible.

“We’re all about giving back to the community,” she added.

Betty Sanddar was in attendance and the Lake Cowichan residents had been looking forward to the Island Pharmacy Ladies Night for some time.

Sanddar emphasized the important role  Ladies Night plays in helping out Community Services with the Christmas Hamper.

“And it’s important because it’s raising awareness for the Christmas hampers, as well  since we’re asked to bring non-perishable food items for Community Services,” said Sanddar.

Katherine Worsley was also at Island Pharmacy for the Ladies Night. She said that the Ladies Night has become a tradition in her family.

“It’s a blast. I love going there every year and now it’s just a tradition with my girls. They made sure I had the tickets early. It was pure excitement,” described Worsley.