Carl Weber is a new columnist with the Lake Cowichan Gazette. He is a chiropractor at Lake Cowichan Chiropractic.

Your health matters

Hello and welcome to the newest regular column in the Lake Cowichan Gazette.

Hello and welcome to the newest regular column in the Lake Cowichan Gazette.

My name is Carl Weber and we’ve come to beautiful Lake Cowichan for the friendliness of the people and the incredible outdoor opportunities. I look around and see a town with pent up positive energy, ready to grow intelligently as people discover its tranquil natural beauty, appreciate its still affordable real estate and sense its burgeoning economic potential.

It is an absolute gem and I am honoured to be a part of it. I knew this would become home after catching a five-pound brown trout on my first fly fishing foray on the Cowichan River!

And a huge thank you to Dr. Laura, Debbie and Jodi for making me feel so welcome at Lake Cowichan Chiropractic.

It’s my privilege to bring you Principles for Living, a column dedicated to helping you have the most healthful, balanced and energetic life possible. In the coming months, I’ll be exploring important and practical matters of health with you. Please never underestimate the degree to which you can affect your health, your quality of life and the rate at which you age. By making better, yet seemingly small, day-to-day decisions on how to live your life, you begin to celebrate health instead of just avoiding disease.

And Lake Cowichan has the perfect balance of weather to produce great health. We have the winter months to establish good health habits. Get adjusted, massaged, tweak your nutrition, do your spin classes, Yoga and Tai Chai, learn to listen to your body, read great life affirming literature and work on your strength and flexibility. Build up those reserves of vitality. When the sun reappears, just keep active outdoors doing the things you love with the people you love. Natural vibrant health will be a byproduct of that flow.

This column is about you and your health. Your well being truly matters.

The Hawaiian word aloha ultimately means that we (all of humanity) breathe together. So, aloha and peace.