BC VIEWS: Notes from the forest fire zone

Media hype aside, this is not the worst fire season ever

T.W. Paterson: St. Laurent-class destroyers were ‘Cadillacs of the seas’

They were unique for their day for their “dramatically different hull form”.

  • Aug 12th, 2017

Column: A little help to get back on life’s road

The store didn’t do that type of financing but Arnold convinced the guys at the shop to do it anyway.

Column: Everybody loves a good (or bad) weather story

We love to tell friends and strangers alike about the worst and best weather we’ve ever seen.

Dig In: Proof is growing for Chinese greenhouses

When I first saw the Chinese greenhouses on the internet I didn’t know I’d see one this summer.

  • Aug 9th, 2017
Youbou Regatta parkside fun


    No rain? No problem


      Youbou Regatta Fun on the water


        Youbou Regatta begins Aug. 12 with a fun parade


          T.W. Paterson: Mea culpa? Who, me?

          The oatmeal Dad’s cookies that we know and love are owned by U.S.-based Mondelez International.

          • Aug 8th, 2017

          David Suzuki: Environmental rights and human rights intertwined; we need to be better at both

          We’ve seen environmental laws implemented, weakened or overturned, then strengthened and reinstated.

          • Aug 7th, 2017

          Andrea’s column: Love of animals universal theme

          Whether it’s the 90-year-old grandpa or the 12-year-old pre-teen girl, animals touch everyone.

          Dig In: Naked gardening the next big thing?

          A young lady in Victoria was in the habit of puttering around in her backyard garden, au naturelle.

          • Aug 2nd, 2017

          T.W. Paterson: Cowichan blessed with eight great museums

          How better to celebrate Canada’s 150th than by introducing our children to our local museums?

          • Aug 1st, 2017

          David Suzuki: Local action needed to resolve world’s biggest problems

          Humans are an astonishing anomaly.

          • Jul 30th, 2017

          Setting a bad example for others

          Yesterday I found myself No. 3 in line waiting for a red light westbound at an intersection.

          • Jul 29th, 2017

          T.W. Paterson: Coal: out of fashion but not out of production

          Only a politician could make a silk purse out of this assault on the museum’s reason for being.

          • Jul 29th, 2017

          Column: The Citizen is taking digital to the next level

          You may have noticed a change in the Citizen’s online presence in recent months.

          Column: From lawn to snow, neighbours pitch in

          Pretty soon after my first column was published I started receiving emails.

          Dig In: Ferme Terre Partagee (shared land farms), Rogerville, NB

          No wonder there are so many farms in New Brunswick!

          • Jul 26th, 2017

          Alistair MacGregor: Cooking up a national food policy

          Food matters, and its journey from the farm to the factory and the fork is an important topic.

          • Jul 26th, 2017

          T.W. Paterson: ‘Dickey’ Thomas died without spilling a drop

          At Roberts’ insistence that they check again, it was confirmed that his buckskin wallet was missing.

          • Jul 26th, 2017